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Play at School

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you can help get your school involved with stormwater education! Here are some ideas of what you can do at school:


  • With the help of your teacher, paint colourful fish around the stormwater drains at your school so that everyone knows that these drains lead to rivers and streams. For some great examples, click the images below:
  • Blue drain painting Clean drain painting Howick Intermediate drain painting Mellons Bay drain painting Octopus drain painting Shark drain painting Beachlands drain painting Birkdale drain painting

  • Take our interactive quiz and learn more about wetlands here


  • Download Environment Canterbury’s Stormwater Education Resource: This free Stormwater education resource is aimed at year 7/8 students and delves into the big issues – where the water comes from, where it goes, why it is contaminated, and what effect this has on the quality of surface waterways. It also describes actions that schools, individuals and communities can take to help improve urban stormwater quality, to protect the unique stream environments that make up our towns.

    Download the student resource here

    Download the teacher resource here

  • Download the Waterways of Christchurch resource: – a resource book for teachers of primary and secondary students in Christchurch. This programme is offered in partnership with the City Council and can be approached in at least three different ways. The overall goal is to engage young people with improving the health of our urban waterways. Download the resource here

For more information on stormwater education, see Environment Canterbury’s Education for Sustainability website