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Construction Painting

With the projected increase in painting activity as part of the Christchurch rebuild, itís important that painters wash up in an environmentally friendly way. If painters wash brushes or rollers in a driveway or roadside gutter, the untreated waste can end up in our waterways via the stormwater system.

If paint wash gets into our waterways it can:
  • Poison fish and plants.
  • Clog fish gills and irritate their eyes.
  • Make the water cloudy, which can stop fish finding food and stops plants converting light into energy for growth.
  • Make water unhealthy for people to drink and swim in.

If youíre a trade painter, you must dispose of your waste as trade wasteóitís the law!

Options for your paint wash disposal are:
YesUse an environmentally friendly wash system. Dulux and Resene, both offer various sizes of these systems for sale.

YesContain your wash water in an old paint tub or similar container and take it to somewhere with a trade waste connection that will dispose of it on your behalf (for more information call Environment Canterbury on 0800 324 636).

YesIf your business has itís own yard, you can get a trade waste licence from your local council for a small fee. For more information see here

YesFor larger sites, contain your wash water in a large container such as a 1000l IBC and hire a sucker truck to remove the water once the container is full.

YesUse a brush and roller cleaning service (currently offered in Christchurch through Whisker Decorating).