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The Office

Even though you work indoors, your workplace can still take positive action to prevent your business activities polluting our waterways.

Have you ever seen a colleague throw a cigarette butt or rubbish into a stormwater grate in your car park or break area? Their litter will end up in your nearest river or stream, where it will harm the natural ecosystem.

Top Tips
  1. Paint "Rain Only" stencils next to your storm water drains:
    Painted Drain Make sure all your staff know that these drains lead straight to rivers and streams.

    Environment Canterbury can supply these stencils free of charge. Call 0800 324 636 for more information.

  2. Provide bins in outdoor break areas and car parks:
    Make sure your staff don't dump their rubbish on the ground or down a drain.

  3. Monitor and maintain your stormwater sumps:
    Regulary check the stormwater sumps on your property as part of your housekeeping programme.

    If more that half the sump is filled with sediment or sludge, have it sucked out by a liquid contractor.