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Everyday activities on an industrial site can impact on the environment, often without anyone knowing.

The industrial sector is just part of the total pollution risk to our waterways but because many of the materials that industries use have the potential to cause environmental damage, people that work on industrial sites have a serious responsibility to prevent pollution.

Environment Canterbury offers the Pollution Prevention Programme, which is a free proactive environmental management programme available to all businesses throughout Canterbury. For more information click here

Top Tips
  1. Have spill kits and spill procedures available:
    A spill outdoors could run straight into the stormwater system and pollute the nearest stream or river. Have a spill kit on site and make sure all staff are trained on your spill procedure. Environment Canterbury offer a small spills training programme click here.

    Make sure all oils & hazardous substances are bunded and stored away from any open waterways or stormwater drains.

    The size of your bund depends on the volume of material and the size of the containers stored within it. If you are storing hazardous substances, check HSNO regulations for storage requirements. For more information see click here

  2. Develop and maintain a Waste Management Plan (WMP):
    Some of the benefits to your business of having an effective WMP include saving money on the cost of raw materials and waste disposal, contributing to a better management of resources and improving your company image to local and export markets.