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Home Improvements

If you live in Christchurch, chances are you’re going to be doing some home improvements or repairs in the next few years. When you’re making changes to your home, think about environmentally friendly options, such as using permeable paving or installing a rain garden, to reduce runoff into the stormwater network.

When you plan your work, think about how you can reduce, reuse or recycle any waste you might create, and make sure any nearby stormwater drains are protected from any contaminants your activities might generate.

Top Tips

  1. Permeable paving:
    Permeable paving If you’re replacing your patio or driveway, think about using permeable paving instead of traditional impermeable pavers. Permeable paving allows rainwater to flow through the paver, which reduces the amount of water entering the stormwater network and reduces the risk of surface flooding around your home.

  2. Plant a rain garden:
    Rain gardens help remove pollutants and slow down stormwater flows which help prevent flooding. They also brighten up your driveway or patio area and provide food and habitat for local wildlife like birds and butterflies.
    Rain gardens are best planted on the downslope of your property so they can collect rainwater runoff from your roof, patio or driveway.

  3. Protect stormwater sumps:
    Before starting any outdoor home improvements, such as exterior painting or water blasting, find out where the nearest stormwater sump is and make sure your activities won’t result in any waste products getting into the drain by containing run off on your property. Make sure roof downpipes are connected and sealed at the bottom at all times.