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Background Information

So what really IS the state of our waterways, and what effects do stormwater pollutants have on the ecosystems of our rivers and streams?

In this section you’ll find information about the state of the waterways in Christchurch and the effects of the earthquakes, more information about the types of pollutants in our waterways and their effects, and an introduction to Maori perspectives on water pollution.

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Māori Perspective Pollutants Water Quality-Earthquakes

Christchurch City Waterways Survey Maps 2007

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PDF file. Map A1 - Northwest Christchurch (4.60MB)

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PDF file. Map B1 - Southwest Christchurch (4.27MB)

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PDF file. Map A2 - East and Northeast Christchurch (3.68MB)

thumbnail of map B2.

PDF file. Map B2 - Southeast Christchurch and Lyttelton (4.49MB)